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Poetry: fear fleeing

Falling freely into the deep
Before I rise and night skies leave
Darkest dreams come smother me
Beneath great waves that cross the seas

Fear surrounds me to enslave
Whirlpool waters warp my brain
Clouding logic counting pain
Carving canyons with razor rain

Seeing through the veiled charades
Rays of light call out my name
Inviting shining showing the way
For freely fighting the fears of pain

Watching as they falter and fade
From my mind to a watery grave
Soaring above peering into the grey
Tucking my wings I track their fate

Dawning light finds fears fleeing
Cracking skies with echoed breathing
Ricochets dance gently stinging
Down they plummet deeply bleeding

Side of day and self-correcting
Expanding time so normal looking
Standing up no longer hiding
Flying driving hearing sighting

At end of day and into night
Leaving the fold of day’s late light
Summoning all brave spirit guides
I’m first in charge now let’s take flight


photo 5-4

© January 2014  |  deb davies Thorkelson    |    image: iPhone

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