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Poetry: pain’s plague

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Flows an undercurrent constant and wary
Beneath swells of a rolling sea
Pain’s storms come quick, raging rampant
Floods’ fury comes threatening and deep

Pain pours down, familiar yet frightening
Abated by drugs’ fickle defense
Yet I lay tortured by their defiance
And agendas of evil upsets

Morning’s scarce reprieve wakes me
To a day like some others I’ve known
A switch thrown in my brain by science
Or a higher self I’m beginning to know

Rain stops, clears a path, and I follow
Aware of all that I know
My being whispers a thank-you
Just yesterday was so long ago

Yet blue skies weigh heavy with danger
Lurking pain wants me to forget
Before pouncing down with fierce laughter
Like a joker from atop a high ledge

Time unfolding turns weeks into years
Still I dream the dreams of the past
Knowing each soul’s rain is their own to feel
Rings truth along this grey path

Come dancing, light’s patterns so blinding
To coyly flicker on and then off
Teasing the darkest depths of the waters
With promises of a great hope

Flows an undercurrent, pain’s plague, and It’s warning
Of a deep and loathful threat
Beneath calm waters it is plotting
To pull me again into its depths

 © deb davies thorkelson   |   {debrazone | bluerock}

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