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POETRY: the night

Waiting for the night to take me
My body stiffens, strains and cries
(I really hurt, but I must try)
To flee my world and through brave eyes
Just wait for these drugs to claim
And send me far away from pain
Please, come save me.

Thinking about how my life stalls
My words move inward, still silence lies
(I really hurt but I must try)
To think of breaking through the ice
Yet I cannot think, my sad mind strains
To grasp at straws still to remain
Please, save me.

I am alone and then I fall
Into my own and saddened soul
(I really hurt but I must try)
To wait it out because I know
A new day comes, it’s light to shine
Upon this sad and dying time
It saves me.

About this poem:

I have had severe chronic back pain for 8 years. I was prescribed Opiates that over time caused very painful and life-altering side-effects. On Nov. 18, 2013, I took my last dose and began a new life…

I wrote this poem at 11:41pm on Sept. 7th, 2013. I also wrote 4 or 5 other poems during this time, and continue to write. The September burst of creativity is so surprising because long-term Opiate-use can block the areas of the brain responsible for Creativity, Planning, and Organizing. Somehow my SELF broke through for a short couple of days… beginning with this poem that in turn compelled me to start this blog.

© Deb Davies Thorkelson   | 11:41pm, Sept. 7th, 2013
image: iPhone self portrait

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