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Short Poems: insomnia #1 and #2

insomnia #1

days’ earliest hours wake me
some dark and some light grey
not sound or song to blame
maybe the bright moons play

eyes search to find the answer
yet reason turns its head
to reach above the colourless trees
the sky’s stepping stones to rest

insomnia #2

Oh, Insomnia why the return?
I was doin’ alright, having a lovely night
When the long dusty road took a turn

Oh Insomnia, you make my mind race
I was seeing black then my memory went back
And dug up old stuff from that place

Oh Insomnia please let it go
Soon it will be dawn and I’ll feel all wrong
And these eyes will burn and see snow

Please Insomnia not another long night
I was feeling no pain, being soothed by the rain
When I was suddenly shocked by your light

Oh Insomnia I’m trying to go back
I took one more pill and I’m resolving my will
To slip silently through the dark crack

insomnia #1: © 2013 deb davies thorkelson  |  May 27, 2013
insomnia #2: © 2013 deb davies thorkelson
  |  Sep 2, 2013  2:47am -3:21am
image: © 2013 deb davies thorkelson  |  iPhone photos

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