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Warning: this is a poem about great sadness + tragedy: RIP Whistler sled-dogs

Hey Bertrith my patriot, eh my compadre
Hard worker, performer, consorter so gladly
Be she and be thee to my old friend I plea
Make clean tragic news that is flooding the scene
On your quest quench my thirst for a storybook ending
Find it fake big mistake with apologies pending

Go swiftly examine to verify facts
Report a-tat-tat, at once to come back
Rewarding award en garde let it be
Sit lightly on settees sipping tea with Queen E
Be kinder read-minder to dilusional illusions
It’s happened before in this land of confusion

It must be all wrong too tragic to be real
Be my ears be my wings cry my eyes make me feel
Give one hint just a shred if there’s one you don’t dread
Tell me for certain surely they can’t really be dead
If it’s true if you agree our home and native land is still free
Whisper me the why of my countryman’s misdeed

Find out fast my sleuth on your sojourn find proof
Climb high beyond lands find the highest of truths
The news haunts my dreams tormenting day’s hours
Scathing my mind with scenes from the slaughter
Soft silhouettes stood proudly with heads tilted high
When horrors of killing spilled cries on vast skies

So dear friend it IS real my head aches with sadness
Hell split open the world with betrayal and madness
They lived joyfully loyally all serving man’s needs
To be senselessly slayed by such selfish decree
Edge-of-night rampage ‘til cold murder they screamed
Fear frozen in time smothered northern light pleas

Oh to have been warned just a word just a message
The doomed deserved life yet no human asked us
Spin the Earth in reverse to rewind these times
Erasing the scars searing deeply its lines
Then let loose thunderous voices no longer unspoken
Swoop down to prevent the promises broken

Now blinding snow glows behind absent eyes
Sheer panic forever tragic shattered mankind
Time can’t be stopped it’s sadly waving the facts
I dream of cold trails as I follow ghost tracks
My heart is ablaze and oh how it breaks
To whimper farewell to their souls on that day

•  •  •
In memory of the loyal sled-dogs slaughtered in Whistler, B.C,. Canada when they were no longer needed to show tourists a wonderful time once the winter Olympics ended in 2011. The saddest tale I have ever heard.
RIP. Run free.
about the accompanying image: this image does not represent any of the Whistler, B.C. sled-dogs. It is an iPhone photo of my 2 Siberian Huskies (who are doing just fine) as a tribute to all the tortured and murdered sled-dogs of Whistler.

© debra davies thorkelson

•  •  •
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