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Squirrels that enter our backyard leave in body bags {a short story}

June 11, 2011

Today’s Squirrel (“Squirrel #5”) was dropped by Cuba as soon as I told our big white Siberian Husky to let it go. Good Boy. Snowdrift ‘seemed’ like an innocent observer, very curiously studying her big bro’s style. Both of them obediently skulked away as I approached the poor lil thing lying motionless on our back patio. I had gone out to do a poop-scoop and had a clean, empty, plastic Safeway grocery bag in my hand. Using it like a towel, I picked up Chip ‘n Dale’s cute little descendent, and cradled her with the bag as I scurried inside, through the house and out the front door to the steps; a dog-free zone. She was still, but breathing.

Twitch-Twitch, her front legs started to move! And her back legs? I think so. Fantastic! A quick visual check showed that she bore no signs of blood or punctures, just a lot of Siberian Husky spit around her tummy. Good… a lucky one!

“One last look and I’ll lay her on the ground and hopefully she’ll take off running”, I either thought or muttered to myself.   But at that very instant, “YE-OUCH!!”, a loud, shrill SCREAM flew out of me.  She-squirrel had given a quick wiggle and delivered a lightening-fast bite – a deep puncture into the soft thumbprint skin of my right hand. THAT hurt. It felt like her teeth almost touched my thumbnail from the inside. There was LOTS of blood. It hurt intensely for about 2 minutes then hurt like hell for another few minutes. Then very soon afterwards it looked only like a pinprick and didn’t hurt at all.

But… Oh-oh. Did my SHARPSCREAMINGYELL kill the precious thing? Or maybe her insides had been shaken up by our great white polar bear Cuba, and it was just a matter of time. Alas… while I had been wrapping a piece of wet paper towel around my  thumb to sop up the blood; the little squirrel-girl drew her last few breaths *sniff* while laying in the sunshine on our front step, where I had been certain she would recover.

I contacted our vet’s office to get a summary of both Cuba and Snowdrift’s rabies shots and when they were next due. I had visions of our family in quarantine if the rodent was rabid. A sweet & helpful vet-tech gave me the number for “Animal Services” and made sure that our huskies had not been bitten.

Animal Services made a note of my phone call, but did not deem it necessary to come pick up the wuz-a-squirrel to check for rabies.

“We never have problems with squirrels being rabid. But just watch for signs (“signs?”) on yourself and your dogs and go see your doctor”. [Disclaimer].

Whenever a creature doesn’t respect the help I’m attempting to give, I take it personally.  But it’s just a tiny pinprick that doesn’t even hurt anymore, and I don’t blame her for being frightened. I only wish that Squirrel #5 would have made it back to her home alive.

SQUIRRELS, PLEASE LEARN FROM THIS: Do not forage or play in a Siberian Husky’s backyard.

{March 11, 2014 Update: The body count now stands at 11}

What’s in YOUR  freezer?

"What's in YOUR freezer?"

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