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Sketchbook pages #1 … “draw, draw, draw!”

photo 3-1

Welcome to my first post of black & white sketches. I draw every night after dinner. It started as a distraction from chronic back pain and it works, so I keep it up. It’s very stream-of-consciousness, nothing is planned out, yet some patterns turn out okay so I might repeat them for awhile.
Back in the day as a graphic artist I used technical pens to create mechanical artboards at work for my pen and ink drawings (Rapidograph, Staedtler and the like). I’d also use those pens for pen & ink drawings. But now, I use a variety of felt-tip or roller-ball pens…they’ve come a long way. I’m a pen-o-holic: I have pens in every room of the house and never leave home without several different styles.
These sketches are in a Moleskine sketchbook measuring 5.25″ x 8.25″ (13.3 cm x 21 cm).

I’m hooked on drawing these doodles in the evening if watching tv. Which is a good thing… WAY back in art school one of my instructors wrote some great advice in one of my sketchbooks, and I still have it all these years later. It reads:

“draw, draw, draw!”

Do you sketch, doodle, paint or draw? {please post a link to your site in the comments section!}

© deb davies thorkelson

Check out my 2nd post of Sketchbook doodles here.

About these photos:

Step 1: I photographed my sketchbook pages with my iPhone 3
Step 2: Then I converted each image to black & white (on my iPhone) using Camerabag’s “1962” filter. I did this to brighten up the photos, as the Moleskine paper has a yellow cast to it that photographed quite dark in the light that was available.
Step 3: I added a #5 border from the Snapseed iPhone app. This border is actually a pretty close representation of the original paper colour.

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  1. Love the drawings. Sorry to hear about your back. (I know what you feel. Hence the origin of “pain in the…”
    Does drawing help? If so, I’ll start immediately!
    Take care


    • Hi Brian; Thank you for liking my drawings, and YES drawing helps my pain immensely. It re-focuses my energy in some crazy, magical way. I draw just about every night. Try it. And don’t worry about “what” to draw… just put your pen/pencil down onto the paper and relax. Good luck… 🙂


  2. Another pen-o-holic 🙂 I never got to buy the advanced pens – I can’t sketch, although I *want* to, lol! So I couldn’t justify the expense. Your designs are amazing! Love them 🙂


  3. These are wonderful – your journey in fluid line and form. I could see these beautiful works along with your beautiful words on cards to be shared with others who are unwell. Your words and images could uplift many…
    AnnMarie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much – I plan to post new sketchbook pages monthly. I photograph the pages with my iPhone and use a couple different filter apps to improve on the effects of the warm lighting conditions in my living room and to add borders. I appreciate your comment.


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