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I celebrate my Mom {a short story}

Every year on this day, March 25th, I quietly celebrate the day my Mom was born.
She was not with us nearly long enough, but today is not a day for mourning. It’s a day for gratitude. Bittersweet, because the two undoubtedly mix.

I do my best to bring only the happiest of memories to the forefront.
I close my eyes and breathe slowly. At first I’m afraid of painful memories, but I brush sad thoughts away.
Memories start as a trickle, then become a stream as I pass by the tough times and embrace the good with all my heart.

I’m remembering so many important and happy times. I’m feeling so much happiness and gratitude for my Mom’s unending love, and for the many things she taught me.

So today I celebrate my Mom, “Chickie”, for the great woman and mother, wife, teacher and friend that she was. Mom was devoted to teaching and helping children. She always put others before herself. However, she was also devoted to HER life! She sang and she danced, and she brought us sunshine every day. Every morning she would wake us kids up with a sing-songy “Rise and Shine, Sunshine!”. When we brought friends home after school she would happily greet them as if they were the most special visitors ever.

Mom was a lot of fun to be with as we grew and became adults. She loved new experiences and loved to travel, visiting us kids as often as she could after we left home and moved on to separate areas of the world. I miss her. My heart is filled with thanks. And love forever.

RIP – Eleanor Georgina “Chickie” Davies (nee Jones)

In celebration of the happy day she came into this world, March 25th, 1934.

early 60's
My Mom  – age 29

Photos: portrait of my mom probably taken by my dad
The “Love” header is from the internet: love___by_celticbeauty_by_love.jpg

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