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Poetry: party talk

photo 4-6


there’s a lot to the story, if you haven’t heard
you can’t leave just now, the facts are absurd

quickly i start, yet not used to relating
freed words assault my brief relaying
merging stories create a great caustic cloud
that rains in my head surprisingly loud

and then what happened, I know you’ll agree
is quite a strange tale of an epic degree

tumbling words formed some amazing vignettes
nothing short of a miracle, I have no regrets
to be back in real time, with a fine glass of wine
like nothing bad happened, just a passing of time

there’s a lot to the story, this you’ve heard no doubt
about the long journey bringing me to this point

i thought I should try to recapture the past
remembering times when we had such a gas
now it’s time to tackle the projects in hand
it’s time to rekindle some friendships I had

i haven’t been myself but i’m here to report
i’m back on the road with a brand-new start

my swelled head’s so happy to know what I know
but not everyone else should care for my woes
i just thought that the people i used to hang with
should get all the facts separated from myth

now if you must leave you’ll know that i’ve shared
the astonishing truth that got me back here

you may see me again with smiling small talk
when you catch sight you may turn, run, or walk
it’s hard to get over it, drop it, move on
the present is tomorrow, the day i’ll have fun

 © 2014 deb davies thorkelson (bluerock/debrazone)
image: iPhone photo layered with images of itself and colourized – see all images in this series here.

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