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Poetry: And through this life


And through this life
The colours woven
Surpass the grief
Of threads I’ve broken
To fail not once
But many times
Or stepped beyond
Undrawn fine lines
To unborn Truths
I’d hoped to find
And to return
Much more the wise

A brilliance lost
Restored one day
Will shine its light
To find its way
Beyond the lessons
I must endure
Until such trials
Will not disperse
For if no hardships
To define defeat
The greater love
Is not complete

And as hearts bleed
They give back life
Wounds are healed
Through endless strife
I’ll make my way
Along warping lines
And look through corners
To future times
And though I toil
A mirage I make
For no treasures keep
Beyond the grave

And through this life
The colours woven
Cover the pain
Of wrong words chosen
Yet I will own
My own creation
Made more beautiful
By imperfection
Amid the fibers
Of cluttered mind
Great tapestries grow
To form my life

© 2014 deb davies thorkelson   |   words: april 15th, 2014
image: iPhone photo of a vintage Persian rug + iPad drawing (no it’s not spaghetti – it’s a scribbly life); also enhanced with Chromatic Aberration using “Aperture”

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