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Poetry: imagine the Queen

detail from my mixed  media collage "Coronation" 24" x 30"

detail from my mixed media collage “Coronation” 24″ x 30″


Imagine that you glimpse the Queen
Just a peek, almost unseen
Wearing her coronation crown
Perhaps in ornate evening gown
Perched alone by palace window
Staring blankly at sights below

Did you see the drapery’s gap?
Gloved hand holding velvet back?

Imagine that she takes her Tea
From silver service daintily
Gaily dressed though quite alone
Sitting sipping upon her throne
Deep in richly patterned throws
Wearing jewels & satin clothes

Do you think you’d like to see?
Her Highness for a cup of Tea?

Imagine how she spends her time
With festive feasts and finest wines
Thinking thoughts she’s taught to have
Or drinking dreams from crystal glass
Perhaps to summon a homely prince
To come and be her awkward guest

Do you wish she’d call to you?
A wink a wave and toodle-oo?

Imagine she decides to play
Some lavish lonely parlour games
Chatting with imagined friends
Crowned head tilts in impish grin
Solitaire’s cards come up all diamonds
Never winning but always blinding

Do you think you’d have a chance?
To win her hand and make her laugh?

Imagine her great treasure trove
The size of which she doesn’t know
Counting cash ‘til way past dark
A close eye kept by palace guards
Ever present ladies-in-waiting
Live to serve upon her beckoning

Did you really think you’d see?
Such grand illusion privately?

Imagine she tries to find some fun
When evening falls yet day’s not done
She roams the gardens searching for
A princely toad she’s caught before
Not once to place a single kiss
She’s tossed it back to the dark abyss

Do you suppose this could be true?
If reported in the Daily Shrew?

Imagine that you’ve freed the Queen
From the drudgery she’s been bequeathed
To spend her flagrant royal charms
In your less than royal common arms
Well wake up now you foppish fool
No blue blood would ever look at you

Did you ever think you’d dream?
The strangest tale that’s been conceived?

Imagine the Queen invites you thence!
To amuse herself at your expense
Perhaps she will at once insist
That you should sing or dance the twist
She’ll make you into a court’s jester
With just one chance to bring her laughter

Did you ever think you might?
Be tempted by such foolish flight?

Imagine that you’ve seen the Queen
In real life in your daylight dreams
She welcomed you and called you Sir
And listened raptly to your words
Before she uttered last words of dread
And ordered thus, “off with thine head!”

Did you hear such mad decree?
Well run you knave be off with thee!

{© 2014 deb davies thorkelson | april 17, 2014}
image: detail from my mixed media collage “Coronation” (24″ x 30″ canvas)

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