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motorcycles – BMW K75s 1991

Deb's BMW K75S 1991

Deb’s BMW K75S 1991

One of my all-time favourite rides. Shoulda kept it … *sigh*

Bought this used in Phoenix, Arizona in 1994 – it was 3 years old with only 1,100 miles on it.
Previously I’d been riding a BMW K100RS, a sweet looking little thing in pearl white with M-sport badges and striping. We’d had it lowered and it was a heavy handler in the corners, but easy and fun otherwise and a great tourer. The K75s replaced it and it was a night and day difference. I used to call the K75s my “sofa” because that’s how comfortable it was.

My longest riding day on it was 750 miles, the first day out on a two-week tour. Not an outstanding number by my Iron Butt friends’ standards, but pretty darn outstanding for me. Especially since I started out that day with a painful back flare-up. That first day’s ride definitely worked the kinks out.

In addition to being a fantastic, reliable tourer, I did several track-day schools on it at Thunderhill Raceway Park in northern California, and Grattan Raceway in Michigan.
Alas, my back issues caught up with me and I’m not riding right now. I sold this bike to a guy in San Francisco in 2010. We still have other motorcycles though, including my precious little Honda V500VF Interceptor, which I’ve had since new in 1984. It’s currently in the shop getting tuned up…

© 2014 deb davies thorkelson | photo credit: chris thorkelson

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