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Painting: Celery still life

“Celery Still Life” on green paper

This is a mixed media piece that I did in a watercolour workshop.
I thought the instructor was a bit crazy as I watched her set up this still life… “how the heck am I ever going to paint this stuff? And why? ” With me I had a few sheets of green coloured charcoal sketch paper that someone had given me a whole REAM of, so I figured I’d use some of it up on this crappy subject matter. It was challenging to paint, but I ended up learning a great deal and recognized that I should challenge myself even more with Still Life subject matter.

Due to the paper’s lightweight nature I really couldn’t apply too many layers of the water-based paint once I had the basic charcoal sketch laid down, so I left the under-worked potato (and whatever vegetable that is holding up the celery) alone at some point. Perhaps I should turn the mystery vegetable into an eggplant and let the darkness of it make it recede, and the purple colour would contrast nicely with the russet colour of the potato as well.
Anyway, I ended up quite liking this and learned some things, among them to never, ever think an art teacher is crazy!

© deb davies thorkelson

Mixed media on green paper:
charcoal, gouache, watercolours & watercolour crayon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbove: This is my studio window where “celery” is hanging with some small monoprints. It’s the largest, darkened piece – just to give an idea of size. This is a half-sheet from the ream of large, green charcoal sketch paper I was given by someone. Eventually, having exhausted my desire to draw on green paper I donated much of it to a day care center for their little artists to use up. I kept some sheets and still have them. For the next time I’m in a green mood.

© deb davies thorkelson {bluerock / debrazone}


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