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artist spotlight: Painter + Poet – benjamin d. laughlin

eye-version1Someone to Watch!

ART-BEN-InstagramSELFportraitBenjamin D. Laughlin
{painter, poet, photographer, musician, carpenter, designer + builder of things}

Live, Feel, Paint

“Live, Feel, Paint” mixed media on wood 48″ x 48″  (122 cm x 122 cm)

Benjamin D. Laughlin is an up and coming, very active and prolific Canadian artist. Ben was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design {OCAD} in Toronto where he currently resides.

His paintings are typically large (up to 4 ft x 4 ft – or 122 cm x 122 cm) mixed-media on wood or canvas. Ben also has an impressive portfolio of digital imagery, hand-crafted furniture, and has created bound books of his poetry. My opinion: he’s brilliant!


See more of Benjamin D. Laughlin’s work:


“The Shape I’m In” show at Stone Soup Innovation Lab in Toronto, Canada Feb 21, 2014




contact Benjamin Laughlin:
see more of his work:
and also on WordPress at:

all images © Benjamin D. Laughlin
with the exception of the “eye” illustration which is a free google image


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