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poetry: purging a life

Adding memories forgotten and remembered
To new boxes, old books or bags to get rid of
Sending mementos and stories to some others
Sorting and staring at stuff that was precious

Treasures abound and hold greater promise
Something to be done or thought about later
Stacking reflections and empty lined notebooks
Clearing space for new thoughts of creation

Crashing into obstinate objects of history
Weighing heavy head in my hands to decide
Leaving pages unturned and bridges unburned
Closing the door keeping things safely inside

I let the past remain and it conquered Today
More dreams smothered by time’s remnants
Many yesterdays lay claim carving their names
And etching fragments of life with their sadness

Anxiety tickles inside as my frail efforts stall
Papers overthrow my shoebox kingdom of one
Uncorrected undone I pit blame against shame
Yet I should forgive and forget and move on

Break loose from the grip that objects hold
They will not be missed once you’ve gone
Let letters unwritten flutter down to their graves
And we’ll dance in the freedom we’ve won

about: my treasures have consumed my tiny art office/studio space and prevent me from doing what I long to do: paint and create, so I’m slowly working on letting go of some things… a lot of things.

images: these are photos that my younger brother took of my dad’s art office/studio space shortly after my dad’s passing. It looks a lot like mine. Now I know how he felt about his treasures. RIP dad – you had a lot of bottled-up talent.

words: © 2014 deb davies thorkelson | may 20th, 2014    |    images: jim davies | feb 18th, 2012

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