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Poetry (or something?): to do list + whatever that means

Photo-ToDo List-v2plant flowers
more garden things – see other list
play with dogs
brush the dogs
scratch bellies
scoop-a the poop-a
clean out closets
what’s in those boxes on the shelf?
hang up clothes
give away clothes that no longer fit
give away knick-knacks I don’t want to dust
organize my journals, throw them out?
call insurance company
file appeal
file the other appeal
start class
make jewelry
buy new glasses
buy new clothes
pay off visa
make a decision about dishes willed to me
play more albums on the turntable
upload more tunes to iPod
stop complaining about stupid people
meditate more
work on my Talavera tile project
ride my bicycle for exercise
ride my motorcycle for mental health
exercise my arthritic fingers
give away purses and shoes, I don’t use half of them
file paperwork
shred other paperwork
throw out stuff that’s in my way
spend more time outdoors
study songwriting
write lyrics
pen a hit song
finish writing stories in draft folder
go to the doctor
buy a ukelele
transfer dad’s home movies & slides onto the latest permanent media
feel better
catalog my jewelry in case I die
frame photos, prints & paintings
hang paintings
lose weight
cut my hair
buy lottery tickets
check the lottery tickets
photograph my decoy collection
try to remember how to plan and paint
work on all my Art ideas – see other list
sync and back-up all computers
watch my tone of voice
be happier
smile even if I don’t feel happier
paint something with dad’s oils as a tribute
engage with life more
create something small every day
drink more good wine
eat less good pizza
get more sleep
be nice at all times even when in pain
appreciate, appreciate, appreciate
add to my To Do List
subtract from my To Do List …

California, my own and wasted hand
Blue favourite parts is all my fun can stand
When throwing darts I see me fly
From trees to be set free
And fans will start to blow apart
The dog hair on the breeze

(to the tune of “O, Canada”)

Whatever that means …
I guess My List is finished.

© 2014 deb davies thorkelson  March 5th – May 26th
Image: iPhone & Aperture app

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