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ear-drawing-3Listen to More Music!

This is an awesome Playlist compiled by Burton Cummings for
He’s put together this set with a great variety of pop/rock/alternative artists (however you want to label them), and calls it:


Just click on THIS link. It’s totally free + easy…

Journey For a Memorable Friday Evening | Listen for free at

MORE > Burton Cummings has added several more playlists to – check them out. He’s really put a lot of thought and time into assembling some fantastic listening.
Have a great weekend everyone! Wherever you may be.

BurtonCummingsAbout Burton Cummings >
Burton Cummings: website >

Ear drawing: free google image
Photo of Burton Cummings: free google image
No copyright infringements intended

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  1. I’ll give this a listen this weekend – I just returned from my 13 year old’s band concert and my brain is chock full of big sounds 🙂
    Thanks for sharing –


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