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artist spotlight: vocalist William (Bill) Mentz

IMAGE-Music-Microphone-vectorSomeone You Should Listen To!

San Francisco Bay Area

857b3e6df24d7e2cd41c0b19f148b     Bill is one of my all-time favorite performers to go listen to.  Whether it’s at The Berkeley City Club, The Savanna Jazz Club, The Sound Room or other numerous venues around the San Francisco Bay Area of northern California, this seasoned master vocalist continually wows with his beautiful voice. It’s not only Bill’s singing that casts a spell on the audience – Bill has a stage presence that grabs you and holds on tight. His charm, wit, love and sincerity combine to make an evening listening to Bill one to always remember.
I’m lucky to know Bill and to be able to see him perform from time to time. He is one of the finest. Can’t wait to see him again soon.


ed2183dd8850ca1fbd69bdd5a1f9b“William (Bill) Mentz has been performing, touring, and recording music since 1974. Mentz has recorded and released six albums, numerous commercial jingles and voice-overs, and logged over 7,500 live shows around the globe …”
read full article here:

William Mentz:
Bill Mentz:
ScreenShot-Bill Mentz Reunion

Above: William (Bill) Mentz performing with the Van-Dells during their 35th Anniversary Reunion Cincinnati, Ohio

Bill will be reuniting with The Van-Dells in Cincinnati, Ohio
for 2 shows in August, 2014 to celebrate The Van-Dells amazing 40 year history…

For other events featuring William (Bill) Mentz in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Q: What do you think is the most important thing you are contributing musically?
A: Connecting the audience and the song. Entertaining people never goes out of style.

Well said Bill, and so very true …

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Quotes, songs, and images used with the permission of William (Bill) Mentz.
Microphone graphic free image from the internet.
No copyright infringement intended.

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