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AHHH. FRIDAY, the best day of the week
The weekend stretches out in front of me

Friday was my favourite when a full week’s work was done
Now it’s just a reminder of another week that’s gone
Another week spent underneath the sorry spell of pain
Regretting what I’ve lost and many things I’ve gained
Sleepless nights had me checking numbers on the clock
Paintings left unpainted, things that were not bought
Bright flowers still unplanted left dying in their pots
Papers unsorted, and my good dogs left un-walked

AHHH. FRIDAY, the ending of the week
Just make it through the day, Saturday will be a treat

Saturday brings a new morning with clear blue sunlit skies
Hopes and dreams of coming things appear before my eyes
Another day to begin anew because yesterday is gone
Today will bring me roses and I’ll pretend that I have won
I’ll smile to erase the traces of another long, bad night
And promise not to waste time worrying about my plight
One step then another I’ll keep talking myself through
I can’t succumb to being numb I need to make a move

AHHH. Another new day of the week
With much promise and happiness to seek

Today I’ll keep pushing forward through the deep dark mud
Deleting layers of clutter, those things I should have done
Morning’s dawn is greeting another new day yet unfurled
I’m focused and I’m ready to venture out into the world
There’s plenty to do but I’m not sure what really will get done
Yet through pain and stolen sleep I’ll still keep rambling on
The light ahead glows dimly, the future’s already been met
Each day of the week starts out fresh with what’s inside my head


photo 2-5today          |          tomorrow

© 2014 deb davies thorkelson {bluerock/debrazone}
thursday, june 12th, 2014   |   image: iPhone self-portrait 2013

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  1. Have a good weekend. I love that the pic shows the shadows left by yesterday and the light of optimism gracing the new day. Hope you find peace and relaxation this weekend.


  2. Ha, I love it! Your poem I mean. 🙂 And the photo too, your eyebrows and stern look fit the poem. Enjoy the saturday tomorrow. 😉


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