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Music on Monday # 5 … Syndicate of Sound: Little Girl

More classic 1960’s Garage Rock
aka Mod, Fuzz Punk, Freakbeat…

Music Mondays #5 features
Syndicate of Sound: Little Girl

The San Jose, California connection

Flashback to Music Mondays #1: Five weeks ago I started with this Sounds of Summer series with a Fuzz Punk Favourite “Psychotic Reaction” from Count Five from San Jose, California, and have been re-exploring and discovering so much great stuff from this 60’s musical genre.
So, starting your week off is more classic 1960’s Garage Fuzz Punk sound from another San Jose, California group with the ‘totally awesome‘ name of …

Syndicate of Sound
Photo-syndicate of soundSyndicate of Sound was an American garage band that existed between 1965 and 1970. Originally from San Jose, California, the band had an edgy style that some critics have considered to be a forerunner of psychedelic rock. Read More >

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum …
“Little Girl” has been recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, where it is on permanent rotation. A plaque is on display there, referring to the song as a pivotal song in the history of rock and roll.
Read more >

The Genre: San Jose Style …
Style similarities abound between “Psychotic Reaction” by Count Five and Syndicate of Sound’s “Little Girl” – in the music style, singing style and in the look of these two bands from San Jose, California.The videos share similar settings  (pool, ocean pier), the enthusiastic background girls, the swagger of the suits, and the whole great garage rock vibe. The vocals are almost spoken-word, the drummers apply their simple beats while standing up, and the subject matter is the same: being dumped by the girl.

More > Lyrics for Psychotic Reaction
More > Lyrics for Little Girl

Take a trip to CALIFORNIA COOL
with Syndicate of Sound’s “Little Girl” …


By Jud Cost
“If any one song summed up the swaggering teenage spirit of 1966 – the year revered by rock historians as the fountainhead of what is now called “garage rock” – it was “Little Girl” by the Syndicate of Sound.
With its sneering, adenoidal lyrics, talk-sung by frontman Don Baskin, the Syndicate’s national Top Ten hit also showcased the dizzying guitar work of original fretboard man Larry Ray, the guitar and keyboards of John Sharkey, the thumping bass of Bob Gonzalez and the exhilarating drums of John Duckworth.

Formed in San Jose, Calif. in 1964 …”
read more >

Ready for more music?

Here’s a fantastic cover of Little Girl by The Hysterians, also from San Jose, California. They’re a modern day reincarnation of the classic sound

More about The Hysterians >

Related > More 60’s garage bands from San Jose, California:

Teddy & His Patches
article >
Blue Fever
article >
Photo-BlueFever-SanJoseGarageBandREAD MORE> I didn’t know about the following article when I started posting 60’s garage band music on Music Mondays…
nor did I consciously pursue the San Jose, California connection. It all just came about:

“Wild Sixties Garage A Go-Go!”
The Garage Band List: Then + Now.
Interesting, check ’em out:

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