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POETRY: I am the present, the past + all the tomorrows

Silver Lining

There is a cure for what I have dealt to myself
A matter of time maybe just a few months
I’ll experience the highs of good health’s great wealth
And break from the shadows never needing the help
That whispered its greeting through a thick grey haze
Built of human rage and a mind’s sickly disgrace

The future draws closer yet more obstacles await
Tormenting my spirit and threatening to change
The unread chapter at the close of this book
I don’t know what was scripted and can’t bear to look
At the impossible ending that swims in my brain
I want to scream at the sages for willing new pain

The distance appeared great between heaven and hell
Travelling back through the ages to conquer myself
Factoring in the resistance I had somehow developed
Re-igniting my purpose to become one as created
Yet here in the present I have come face to face
With drizzling cold rain instead of sun’s warming rays

There is a cure for the pain and challenges faced
It’s a matter of re-writing some outdated beliefs
With courage and knowledge I shall redefine space
To attract new awareness and create my new place
Among the never-ending souls’ wandering beings
I’ll connect to the stars with self’s highest reasoning

The distance between realms seems greatly increased
To give me more time to work through my peace
And remember the joys of divine truth and love
For what I will become is a part of me now
I am the present, the past and all the tomorrows
Whispering gently my name with freedom from sorrow

 © 2014 deb davies thorkelson   |   july 16th, 2014
image: iPhone photo with b+w filter “1962” from Camera Bag

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