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A PHOTO STORY: The Road to Monterey

iPhone image: Highway 101 to Monterey


Another trip to the beautiful Laguna Seca Raceway on the Monterey Peninsula has just been completed. Yes, the extra-long weekend of world-class motorcycle watching is always awesome fun, but I marvel as well at the more subtle experiences the trip down the California coast always offers.
I always look forward to the moment when we finally (yet suddenly it seems) break free from the cityscapes and concrete overpasses of the San Francisco bay area and take in the changes in terrain and climate – first the rows upon rows of bright green crops of strawberries, garlic, and artichokes; then the very moment when the fertile land changes to windswept sandy dunes as the highway turns towards the coastline; the ground-cover of native succulents in muted shades of rust, red, black and gold; and this favorite row of trees elegantly carved by the ocean breezes and time – pictured here in the waning hours of a summer’s long day as the fog gently rolls in.


© 2014 deb davies thorkelson {bluerock / debrazone}
iPhone image

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    • I got lucky with this evening shot – through the car window with my iPhone! I did need to improve the exposure with Photoshop, but I love how it turned out. “One of these days” I’ll stop and actually take a real photo – always in such a hurry. Thx so much for commenting.


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