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Short Story: Our Siberian Huskies are at it again…

TEAM-DOUBLE-TROUBLE-logo2012Our Siberian Huskies are at it again…

Our city dogs “Cuba & Drifty” are “Team: Double Trouble”!
October 2014 marks our 4th year running in the “So Mush Fun!” dry land sled-dog race to help raise funds for Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (

“Cuba” is a NorSled alumnus. His partner in crime “Snowdrift” (aka Drifty) is an innocent looking little rascal with the heart of a lead-dog.
You can read more about them and also about Urban Mushing here.

The event takes place on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014 at Lagoon Valley Park, Vacaville, California.
More info >

NorSled has significant bills for veterinary and ongoing care for injured northern breed dogs they have rescued from some horrific situations this year. I’ll spare you the details of atrocious human failures.
If it is possible for you to do so, your support is greatly needed and appreciated in ways that are hard to express.
Every dollar is an important contribution.

Thank You. Here is our fundraising site:

If you can’t help out this time, that’s okay too. Just know that there are devoted, loving people at work all over the world who volunteer time and resources to look after animals. There are many, many great success stories out there. Our Cuba is one of them.

Photo-BAMpicnic-5-15-11-CHRIS-Rober Arbitter image

This is Urban Mushing! Drifty + Cuba in the lead.

photo 1

Mushing: California Style


Drifty + Cuba = rock stars

Drifty + Cuba = rock stars

Good girl, Drifty!

Good girl, Drifty!

Yes, Cuba is always this happy

Yes, Cuba is always this happy!








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