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Poetry: The Shining Darkness

Isolation: self-iPhone-iPad

Now I lay me down tonight
To wait for demons to gouge my eyes
And pry from me my inward dreams
And rob my shell of fractured sleep

I’ll drift afloat for meager minutes
To a wait in a room with no-one in it
To be snatched again to face my plight
A reluctant witness to the star-lit night

The shining darkness snaps open eyes
And streetlamp glow smirks a bright surprise
I’ll watch my dreams as they melt down
And tired angels breathe mournful sounds

The night will always call my name
My stillness will rise to qualm the ache
The clenching grip brings familiar shock
I’ll cry out loud and walk my thoughts

Through moments ticking terribly slow
This will be resolved for this I know
I’ll rock myself to calm the fear
And hope to sleep for just one hour

If daylight tames its light for me
Allowing threads of my sanity
To weave distorted tapestry scenes
I’ll watch the waves go back to sea

The sun will rise how should it know
To leave me well enough alone
I’ll force my eyes to blink a greeting
If I don’t die between my dreaming


© deb davies Thorkelson   |   july 28th, 2014 {bluerock / debrazone}
Photo: Isolation: self-iPhone-iPad

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  1. As I read your poetry, some how I felt a malencoly connection. I think you’re very talented! I feel we all struggle with darkness and light the center for me its trying to balance my Ying Yang! 🙂
    Great post!


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