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Poetry: Love You Still (anniversary edition)


July 30th – in honour of my 32nd Wedding Anniversary


May I gaze at blue skies and sail the seven seas
May I live a thousand years to realize my dreams
It’s not whether I soar or I crawl
It’s that you’ll catch me if I fall
Come and sit beside me now
Hold my hand and love me still

Remember the stars of a prairie sky
Remember the vows of that summer’s night
Forget all anger, trials and blame
Forget heart’s aching, tears and shame

May we travel the world and far beyond
May we have the time to do it all
It’s not whether we pass or fail
It’s that I’ll be here when you call
Come and sit beside me now
Hold my hand and love me still

Remember long days in far-off places
Remember the rains that hid our faces
Forget the roads we could not pass
Forget the detours and what was lost

May I stay forever and never leave your soul
May I look into your grey eyes as we grow old
It’s not whether we do things right
It’s how we’ve shared each other’s lives
Come and sit beside me now
Hold my hand and love me still

Remember the light of long ago times
Remember the laughter and riches and wines
Forget the sorrows that are life’s cost
Forget the sadness of our loss

May you breathe one more breath and share just one more day
May you sleep a kindly death and hear the words I pray
It’s not whether you’ve won or failed
It’s how you’ve cherished life itself
I will sit beside you now
And hold your hand, and love you still

words: © 2014  deb davies thorkelson {bluerock/debrazone}
image: Zoe Quiney:

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  1. wow, awe-inspiring love……..!!! i just fall in love with the poem, i wish i will have same lovable partner…. and i will also write such beautiful poem for her…… 🙂

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