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Music On Monday #10 … Hot Fun In The Summertime!


What a fantastic video! Watch Sly and The Family Stone perform Hot Fun In The Summertime and I Want To Take You Higher
This video is far-out fun. WARNING: The energy is totally contagious!

Sly and the Family Stone were an American rock, funk, and soul band from San Francisco. Active from 1967 to 1983, the band was pivotal in the development of soul, funk, and psychedelic music. Headed by singer, songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist Sly Stone, and containing several of his family members and friends, the band was the first major American rock band to have an “integrated, multi-gender” lineup.

Brothers Sly Stone and singer/guitarist Freddie Stone combined their bands (Sly & the Stoners and Freddie & the Stone Souls) in 1967. Sly and Freddie Stone, trumpeter Cynthia Robinson, drummer Gregg Errico, saxophonist Jerry Martini, and bassist Larry Graham comprised the original lineup; Sly and Freddie’s sister, singer/keyboardist Rose Stone  joined within a year. Vaetta Stewart wanted to join the band as well. She and her friends, Mary McCreary and Elva Mouton, had a gospel group called The Heavenly Tones. Sly recruited the teenagers directly out of high school to become Little Sister, Sly and the Family Stone’s background vocalists. Click here for current news.


All: End of the spring and here she comes back
Hi Hi Hi Hi there
Them summer days, those summer days

That’s when I had most of my fun, back
high high high high there
Them summer days, those summer days

Rose: I “cloud nine” when I want to

Freddie: Out of school, yeah

Larry: County fair in the country sun

Sly: And everything, it’s true, ooh yeah

All: Hot fun in the summertime x 4

All: First of the fall and then she goes back
Bye bye bye bye there
Them summer days, those summer days

Rose: “Boop-boop-ba-boop-boop” when I want to

Freddie: Out of school, yeah

Larry: County fair in the country sun

Sly: And everything, it’s true, ooh yeah

All: Hot fun in the summertime x 4

Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Lyrics Licensed and Provided By LyricFind


Hot-Fun-in-the-SummertimeIn late 1968, Sly and the Family Stone released the single “Everyday People“, which became their first #1 hit. “Everyday People” was a protest against prejudice of all kinds, and popularized the catchphrase “different strokes for different folks.” With its b-side “Sing a Simple Song“, it served as the lead single for the band’s fourth album, Stand!, which was released on May 3, 1969. The Stand! album eventually sold more than three million copies; its title track peaked at #22 in the U.S. Stand! is considered one of the artistic high points of the band’s career; it contained the above three tracks as well as the songs “I Want to Take You Higher“, which was the b-side of the “Stand!” single, “Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey”, “Sex Machine”, and “You Can Make It If You Try”.

The success of Stand! secured Sly and the Family Stone a performance slot at the landmark Woodstock Music and Art Festival. They performed their set during the early-morning hours of August 17, 1969; their performance was said to be one of the best shows of the festival. A new non-album single, “Hot Fun in the Summertime“, was released the same month and went to #2 on the U.S. pop chart (peaking in October, after the summer of 1969 had already ended). In 1970, following the release of the Woodstock documentary, the single of “Stand!” and “I Want to Take You Higher” was reissued with the latter song now the a-side; it reached the Top 40.

images-6Sly Stone Woodstocksly-stone-woodstock













During the early 1970s, the band switched to a grittier funk sound, which was as influential on the music industry as their earlier work. The band began to fall apart during this period because of drug abuse and ego clashes; consequently, the fortunes and reliability of the band deteriorated, leading to its dissolution in 1975. Sly Stone continued to record albums and tour with a new rotating lineup under the “Sly and the Family Stone” name from 1975 to 1983. In 1987, Sly Stone was arrested and sentenced for cocaine use, after which he went into effective retirement.

The genius of Sly – the following clip published in 2012…
What’s your favourite song, Sly? “The next one.”

Everybody Is A Star

I have to include this song. There are others I want to feature as well, but I’ll call it done with this addition. I remember exactly when this song came out. I lived in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. On the main street downtown (Princess Street) there was a small empty lot between two buildings. It backed onto the back brick wall of another building creating a small, U-shaped impromptu park. In large letters, spray-painted against the brick wall backdrop were the words “Everbody Is A Star” followed by a star symbol. I loved the sentiment; I loved that little space – it was so cool…

Everybody Is a Star“, released in December 1969, is a 1970 hit single recorded by Sly & the Family Stone. The song, double a-sided with “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)“, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1970 and was the final classic-era Family Stone recording. “Star” was intended to be included on an in-progress album with “Thank You” and “Hot Fun in the Summertime“; the LP was never completed, and the three tracks were instead included on the band’s 1970 Greatest Hits LP. “Thank You” and “Star”, the final Family Stone recordings issued in the 1960s, marked the beginning of a 20-month gap of releases from the band, which would finally end with the release of “Family Affair” in 1971. Sly, his siblings Freddie Stone and Rose Stone, and Larry Graham trade bars for the lead vocal, delivering Sly’s assurance that every person is special in their own way.

Here’s Sly and The Family Stone performing Everybody Is A Star LIVE on The Midnight Special in 1973.
It’s a little crazy & I love it…

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