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Poetry: echoes of music

I’m re-posting this because of the awesome memories it inspires (even as I choke back bittersweet tears).
Here’s to our memories, enhanced always by music…

From Bluerock


It was a bright and clear sunny–sky day
Warmth I’d dreamed of through Winnipeg’s winter
I rolled down the windows of my ’76 Malibu
And cranked up the volume on the cassette deck

Tom was still pretty and wailing on his guitar
Singing something I’d already played the hell out of
The wind whipped my hair across my unlined face
As I headed for Trans Canada number one

Cigarette-smoking fingers drummed on the wheel
Driving west with the morning light on my back
Feelin’ alright though I’d stayed up half the night
At a favourite bar listening to The Pumps

Freedom was calling hooking its finger my way
The weekend stretched before me long and endless
Highway’s lines vanished up ahead and I savoured
Prairie plains forever framed by the windows

Passing landmarks and towns ringed with gold edges
Knowing roads by heart left my mind to wander
Lit a…

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