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poetry: better times

From Bluerock

crazy times
those were some wavy lines
when I look back down the road and reflect
I now wonder how I pulled off such a scheme
when there wasn’t a map in my head

sighing lies
I wore wild crying eyes
when they took every thing that I had
the strain tore open the gates of hope
and I was no longer holding them back

forgotten times
dreams were no longer mine
I got lost and run aground at last
clocks betrayed the chimes they made
and stole snapshots from out of my past

wrongful crimes
paid with painful fines
those numbered days finally were finished
and through thick haze each calendar day
was checked off without me in it

curious rhymes
I wrote furious kinds
when I tried to sort it all out
mixed-up words piled high on a page
when my freed head started to shout

simpler times

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