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Poetry: Across The Bay A House Lies Empty


Across the bay a house lies empty
Silence rings between its walls
Once a home filled with presence
Can never fathom its great loss

A witness to a brilliant life
Tragedy revealed in mere moments
The scene will never be erased
Revealing forever fleeting remnants

For days untold a family grieves
Not knowing what is next to do
Echoes of nothingness embrace
Walls cannot reveal the absent clues

A time of questions, fear and shame
Gathers souls to linger, cry and mourn
Laughter no longer graces this place
It has faded into the mist of dawn

Across the waters rough and grey
A haunting ringing of church bells
And shutters hide the grimaced face
The house the home now just a shell


© deb davies thorkelson
(Photo: Dave Marquis, News10/KXTV – Robin Williams’ home in Tiburon, California)

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