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Poetry: Secrets in a Brave Old World


secrets in a brave old world

secrets live in a thousand dreams
hidden behind black midnight scenes
keeping time with heart’s pounding beats
in a brave old world

there’s really nothing much to say
silent cries across breaking waves
riding the crest and fall of pain
a cold hand’s waving blur

a barely breathing nighttime sleep
sensing shock-waves beneath the deep
there lies a calm yet frightened being
who shares not one word

faded stones in a dawning sky
morning comes calling asking why
haunted victim can’t seem to cry
it’s an age old curse

falling fast the time’s upon us
knowing well a dreaded moment
claiming faith in an angel’s trust
in a new age world

a story tells of crowded scenes
shoulder to shoulder human beings
massive fortunes from shady deals
it’s a coward’s work

lies are told and beliefs are weak
another night the screams repeat
a candle sputters on a breeze
silencing self-worth

canvas layered with painted pain
colours running from driving rain
a lifetime’s work a faded stain
from a brave old world


IMAGE + WORDS: © deb davies Thorkelson    |   sept 1 and 2, 2014
iPhone collage – spine, gate, energy tower, blood and fiery sky

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  1. it’s a coward’s work…
    in a new age world

    This poem resonates on many levels and touches many of the feelings that I experience as I try to understand this “new age world” and wonder what the way forward is if we are ever to leave behind “the brave old world”. Thank you for sharing your insights through these powerful images.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I’m at the right age and stage in life to greatly appreciate the poem and the imagery. Fascinating, Deb. I love it!


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