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Sketchbook pages #1 … draw, draw, draw!

Here are some pages of my sketchbook (doodles, really) that I posted in March. More pages to be uploaded soon!

From Bluerock

These are new drawings – I draw every night after dinner. It started as a distraction from chronic back pain and it works, so I keep it up. It’s very stream-of-consciousness, nothing is planned out, yet some patterns turn out okay so I might repeat them for awhile. Back in the day as a graphic artist I used technical pens to create mechanical artboards at work for my pen and ink drawings (Rapidograph, Staedtler and the like). I’d also use those pens for pen & ink drawings. but now, but now I use a variety of felt-tip or roller-ball pens…they’ve come a long way. I’m a pen-o-holic: I have pens in every room of the house and never leave home without several different styles. These sketches shown here are in a small Moleskin sketchbook (5.25″ x 8.25″), one of several that I always have handy. I’m hooked on drawing these…

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