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Poetry: let’s try this again

From Bluerock


let’s try this again but without so much pain
back to myself and the good life again
maybe I’ll go slowly and try that for awhile
maybe I’ll sky rocket and b u r n-out in style

let’s see what’s in store if I play the games right
back to the fun times the fast times the night
maybe I’ll become some kind of great artist
maybe I’ll watch tv and be more of a pessimist

let’s try a little harder to solve how it works
back to the pages still filled with my quirks
maybe I’ll dream in big pictures and songs
maybe I’ll get back on the road after all

let’s see what old tricks I can pull from my sleeve
from back in the day when I thought I believed
maybe I’ll make it if my resolve doesn’t falter
maybe I’ll just fake it and see what…

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