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Music on Monday #14 … “Autumn” – The Edgar Winter Group


a tree in my neighbourhood in California

So long summer …
This blog’s very first Music on Mondays post started as a Songs of Summer feature back in May, when spring was in the air and the long days of summer were stretched out before us. Certain songs always remind me of Summer. When I hear them I am taken back … I remember where I lived, what grade I was in or where I worked, who I hung out with, places I went…  it’s almost always a picture of Summer that forms in my mind accompanied by a wistful feeling in my heart. It’s now early October. Summer has officially become Autumn and there are hints of the change in season here in northern California.

I’m wrapping up the summer nostalgia for now. I’ll continue to feature Music on Monday from time to time. Today’s song is a fitting close to summer…




The hauntingly beautifully song “Autumn” is on The Edgard Winter Group’s 3rd album “They Only Come Out At Night” that came out in November of 1972. It was penned and performed by Dan Hartman. Lyrics and audio below.



“I first heard this song when my musician brother Jerry moved home to Winnipeg in the mid 1970’s after living and gigging in Ottawa for several years. We were hanging out at my family’s cottage and he played this on his guitar and sang… I still remember it. Jerry has such a great voice; I always said that he could sing anything in any style. On a side note, Jerry returned to school and continued to gig on weekends, and over the years earned his doctorate. Dr. Jerry Davies is a cancer researcher at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He stopped performing a long time ago, but has recently picked up his guitar again. Here’s a cool, recent image of him – I believe it was taken by his son Drew Terrance Davies (also a musician and a great photographer).”
– Deb  Davies Thorkelson (Images + Words from Bluerock)


2013: Dr. Gerald F. Davies (Jerry) Photo credit: Drew Terrance Davies


Now back to The Edgar Winter Group… and “Autumn”

Edgar Winter was born to John Winter II and Edwina Winter on December 28, 1946, in Beaumont, Texas. Both he and his late musician brother Johnny were born with albinism. By the time Edgar Winter left his hometown in the 1960s, he was already a proficient musician. A child prodigy who achieved international success as a youth, Edgar Winter has found an audience in a number of major commercial entertainment media, including music, film and television. Winter invented the keyboard body strap early in his career, an innovation that allows him the freedom to move around on stage during his multi-instrument high-energy performances.

Winter’s music encompasses many different genres, including rock, jazz, blues, and pop. From his critically acclaimed 1970 debut release, Entrance, he has demonstrated his unique style and ability to cross the genre lines and do the unexpected. His early recording of “Tobacco Road” propelled him into the national spotlight. Edgar followed Entrance with two hit albums backed by his group White Trash, a group originally composed of musicians from Texas and Louisiana. White Trash enjoyed huge success, both with the 1971 release of the studio album, Edgar Winter’s White Trash (album), and with 1972’s follow-up live gold album, Roadwork.

In late 1972, Winter brought together Dan Hartman, Ronnie Montrose and Chuck Ruff to form The Edgar Winter Group, the legendary band that created such hits as the number one “Frankenstein” and the ever popular “Free Ride“. Released in November, 1972, They Only Come Out at Night peaked in the U.S. at the number 3 position on the Billboard Hot 200 and stayed on the charts for an impressive 80 weeks. It was certified gold in April 1973 and double platinum in November 1986.

Autumn was written and sung by Dan Harman. Born in Pennsylvania‘s capital, Harrisburg, Hartman joined his first band The Legends at the age of 13. His brother Dave was also a member of the band. He played keyboards and wrote much of the band’s music, but despite the release of a number of recordings, none turned out to be hits. He subsequently spent a period of time backing the Johnny Winter Band and then joined the Edgar Winter Group where he played bass, wrote or co-wrote many of their songs and sang on three of their albums. He wrote and sang the band’s second biggest pop hit “Free Ride” in 1972. (Their biggest hit being the instrumental”Frankenstein“). Upon launching a solo career in 1976, he released a promotional album which had, as its full title, “Who Is Dan Hartman and Why Is Everyone Saying Wonderful Things About Him?”. It was a compilation disc including songs from Johnny Winter and the Edgar Winter Group. His second release, Images, was his first true album and featured ex-Edgar Winter Group members Edgar Winter, Ronnie Montrose and Rick Derringer and guests Clarence Clemons and Randy Brecker. From October 21 until November 5, 1977 blues legend Muddy Waters used Hartman’s Studio in Westport, Connecticut. Hartman ran the recording board for the sessions, produced by Johnny Winter, which created the album I’m Ready.
More about the life of Dan Hartman >



Autumn, the wind blows colder than summer
Autumn, my love’s gone with another
I can’t demand anything of myself now
So I guess I’ll stay here in New England
For autumn
Buildings look tall and gray
Birds flying, haven’t much to say
They all know that it’s coming again
So I guess they’ll stay here in New England
For autumn, autumn
Did you ever lose something
That you thought you knew?
Did you ever lose someone
Who was close to you?
Well I lost my lover
And my summer too
To autumn, the wind blows colder than summer
Autumn, my love’s gone with another
I can’t demand anything of myself now
So I guess I’ll stay here in New England
For autumn, autumn
•  •  •

Here’s the audio for Autumn, sung by Dan Hartman of The Edgar Winter Group. Would have loved to locate a video of actual performance footage.


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  1. Wonderful deb,
    I thought I check what You are up to. Love love love that You are painting again. so I stumbled upon your trending today and even if this is not soo much my music I really love the song and it resonates so much with my life the last 2 years even if it’s springtime.
    Btw: News!!! I applied for the fine arts university here in my town and I am waiting for a good answer and hope I can start studies in autumn, ah see! there it is the autumn! lol! Wish me luck!
    Looking forward to see much more of Your art. Really love what You do. ❤
    All the best,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for you awesome comment! Wishing you great luck with your fine arts studies!!! That’s wonderful! I have been painting again, and quite a lot. Recently I’ve taken a break to get organized, spring cleaning and all that. And shoot some photos of new work. I was thrilled to see your note here. I’ve not kept up with WP the way I know I should…. will improve on that. Take care. xo


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