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Sketchbook pages #2 … cheers! it’s good for my health

IMG_3588This is my 2nd post of my Sketchbook pages. You can find my first Sketchbook post here.
I doodle while pretending to watch tv at night. I started these freeform sketches as a distraction from chronic back pain, and it works!

Typically I do not draw with a pencil first. If I wanted to draw something more representational or planned I probably would though.
This is a Moleskine sketchbook measuring 5.25′ x 8.25″ (13.3 cm x 21 cm).
I use a variety of black pens including Uniball Signo, Sakura Color’s Micron series, and Pilot V Razor Points in varying point thicknesses.

IMG_3591 IMG_3593  IMG_3592IMG_3598





IMG_3595 IMG_3596IMG_3598IMG_3597




















IMG_3605 IMG_3607



see you next time...

see you next time…

© deb davies thorkelson

Do you sketch, doodle, paint or draw?
{please post a link to your site in the comments section so I can visit YOU!}


About these photos:

Step 1: I photographed my sketchbook pages with my iPhone 3
Step 2: Then I converted each image to black & white (on my iPhone) using Camerabag’s “1962” filter. I did this to brighten up the photos, as the Moleskine paper has a yellow cast to it that photographed quite dark in the light that was available.
Step 3: I added a #5 border from the Snapseed iPhone app. This border is actually a pretty close representation of the original paper colour.

This is my 2nd post of my Sketchbook pages.
You can find my first Sketchbook post here.

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  1. I love your artwork. If you consider that doodling, though, I’d hate for you to see my ‘doodles’. Even so, if my hand is not moving, my brain isn’t working, thus if I’m talking on the phone, I’m doodling between notes, assuming my conversation is with a client. I usually use my doodles to identify my conversations and in turn, find the note I’m looking for.


  2. Deb – lovely ‘doodles’, wish I could draw like that! I like using gel pens, they are good for sketching. Thanks for following my blog, and for introducing me to yours! Hope you don’t mind but I Pinned one of your sketchbook images (No 3601). All the best!

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