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Poetry: November

One year ago … I entered a detox hospital ward and abruptly stopped taking opiates for my chronic back pain. I had been on painkillers & muscle relaxers for 8 years and had spinal fusion surgery and many other procedures. Once I stopped the opiates my brain woke up & stopped creating perceived pain. Amazingly, my pain had dissipated. And I began to get my life back…

From Bluerock

Poetry +iPhone Photo-November-v2
© 2014 deb davies thorkelson
{iPhone image 2013 – adjusted in Aperture app on MacBook Pro 4/23/14 and combined with poetry using Microsoft Word}

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  1. Good for you. I have walked away from treatments as well (about 5 years now) and only take an occasional ibuprofen for the bad nights. I am pleased for anyone who can do something other than the prevailing therapies involving those drugs.


    • Thanks Robert. If this didn’t happen to ME I never would have believed it. It was a really tough process but I got my life back. I thought I had reached the end in 2013; spent most of the year in bed. I was angry that I wasn’t better counseled by both a pain specialist MD and a psychiatrist treating me for chronic pain – I was going into withdrawal every 3 1/2 hrs and was too out of it to understand what was happening. When I figured it out – I got out my situation. With a little (a lot of) help from my friends (and fam). Thanks SO much for your comment. And way to go.

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  2. Good for you! I know several peeps who have the back pain/opiate problem. I’m so impressed with your courage and glad to hear that your “brain woke up.” The brain is so interesting and exciting to me these days.

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