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Painting Challenge #6: Shape


This is the final piece in the 7 Week Painting Challenge online course I’ve been taking.
For more, start at #1
(To locate the entire series you can search this blog for “Painting Challenge” or go to the main menu by clicking on the name of this blog & look under the menu for: Images > Art)




For this week’s challenge we studied the work of American artist Lee Krasner, (October 27, 1908 – June 19, 1984), an influential American abstract expressionist painter. The assignment was to create a response to one of her paintings using the theme of “shape”… developing an interpretation of her work, in our own style.

For inspiration I studied Lee Krasner’s “MILKWEED, 1955”, taking into consideration her use of a limited colour palette and bold shapes to depict growth & movement:


Lee Krasner: Milkweed 1955

My final piece again:


Deb Davies Thorkelson: Shape 2014

© deb davies thorkelson    |    december 2014

“Shape 2014″ approx 15″ x 22.25” mixed media on paper:
watercolour, acrylic, graphite on watercolour paper

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