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Painting: City Blocks #1


Here are some in-progress pics…
This is part of a group of small paintings I was working on at the same time. Each of these had been part of old watercolour paintings that didn’t get very far. This particular painting began life as the piece shown in the image below with the large block of orange…


I roughly sketched in some quirky rectangle shapes with a soft pencil, then began adding some random colour inside and around the shapes:

Soon it took on a life of its own and called for some windows & alleyways to be added. Some windows I drew, others I scraped into the paint with my large trusty nail that I seem to be using a lot lately to add texture and design:



It took a break and rested for awhile on my old tabletop easel (it had been my grandmother’s!):

Finally I added some stainless-steel acrylic paint (by Golden) and more soft pencil. A top-coat of  matte spray fixative was applied so the pencil won’t smudge.
Here’s the finished piece again:

“City Blocks #1”

© deb davies thorkelson

Mixed Media (mostly acrylic paint and pencil) on D’Arches watercolour paper.
Size: approx. 11.25″ x 11″


Here is a link to City Blocks #2

(click on IMAGES in the menu to see more artwork …)

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