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Painting: Mosaic Waves (finished)

The final version of my painting “Mosaic Waves”…


Acrylic paint, pigmented inks, and oil pastel were used to build up layers of colour. Finally, the make-believe “grout” lines were scratched into the paint’s surface with an X-acto knife, revealing the layers below.

Detail views:

ART-MosaicWaves-15x22-FinalCropped-Detail2-v2The bold, warm colours come from Pigmented Inks below the acrylic surface.


This painting is a continuation of a series exploring colour contrasts & movement.

Mosaic Waves

Mixed media on D’Arches watercolour paper:
pigmented inks, oil pastel, gesso, graphite, acrylics
approx size: 15″ x 22″ (approx 38 cm x 55.8 cm)

© deb davies thorkelson     |     february 2015

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  1. I appreciate your integrity as an artist but you seem to be repeating the same iconoclastic image of ribbons of color. Can you not see to break free and attempt to do something that is daring, that invites failure so that you may learn success is in striking out into a bold new country. What I see is a fear to be different from yourself. On the other hand if you taske comfort from your niche far be it from me to judge you or your art apart from being struck or or familiar by it is newness or sameness. I mean this in all sincerity as one artist to another. Smiles…>KB


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