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Painting: Inspired by a Rose

PHOTO-Painting-InspiredbyaRose-cropped-v2I have been recycling some old or unfinished watercolour paintings that I’d done many years ago. This is one of them. It’s on D’Arches 300# watercolour paper. I had started painting some flowers and then obviously didn’t get back to it… this was at least 25 years ago. Here are some “in-progress” photographs of the new painting that I did TODAY, and you’ll see the reason for its title…


Inspired by a Rose

Mixed Media on Watercolour paper: watercolour, acrylic, ink.
approx. size 11.25″ x 15″

© deb davies thorkelson

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  1. This is beautiful. sometimes when i see other artists work, it inspires me to create something, and this is one of those works! i love the colors and the movement in this piece!!


    • Thank you so much! One of the hardest things about this piece was not taking it too far. I’m happy I set it aside and didn’t overwork it. Bold colours are not usually my thing. I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone. I’m happy you are inspired, that’s just awesome ! – Deb

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  2. I enjoy it when you share the “in-progress” shots. It is always illuminating to see how a painting like this evolves. I have yet to get out of painting what my eye sees into painting what my spirit feels – I envy the ability to do that. Any suggestions how to get there?


    • What I do is draw/doodle in a small sketchbook during the evenings. I don’t plan anything out, I just put pen to page and start. There are times that patterns will keep occurring and they inspire me to take them to the next level in a larger painting. I have also taken workshops from the artist Tesia Blackburn. She wrote a fantastic book that covers getting started with abstract work. She also has many YouTube videos out. Thank you for liking! I appreciate it. – Deb


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