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Painting: Searching for Peace

full size:ART-Searching4Peace-March24-2015-v1-v2Cropped

After yesterday’s more chaotic painting (“Taking it out on Red”), I felt the need to counteract that releasing of negative energy with a more positive message. Today I painted this response, and although it is not without conflict, the calming content and colours are meant to portray a universal scope with a sense of hope, and the beauty and peace that exists outside and alongside of our world’s terror and turmoil.
Today’s painting is  “Searching for Peace”… here are some close-up details:

IMG_1459IMG_1464IMG_1460Searching for Peace

mixed media on watercolour paper: acrylic, pigmented inks & graphite
approx. size 11″ x 15″ (28 cm x 38 cm)

© deb davies thorkelson    |    march 24th, 2015

(for more paintings check out the art menu)

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your painting with us at Artists4Peace! I have added your name and a link to your blog under “Current Artists4Peace”

    We ask that you please put the Artists 4 Peace logo on your blog. It will not only show others you are part of the project, it will allow you instant access to the artists4peace blog. Simply go to for Logos and instructions.

    Thank you and welcome aboard! We will post your painting later today.

    ☮ ❤ 🙂

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