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Painting Obliteration

Painting Obliteration: these two works in progress were becoming too dark & were taking on a war-like theme – barbed wire, bombs, jagged edges, chaos, unrest. So I’ve covered them in Light. You can see the paint about to be spread all over them, obliterating the darkness. Because I can.

ART-Painting Obliteration-because I can-Apr3-2015

Painting Obliteration

These are now completely covered up with a light paint colour. After another coat dries I’ll turn them into a couple of light-filled, positive pieces of art. Peace.

© deb davies thorkelson   |   april 3rd, 2015

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    • The darkness lives on as digital images, but they’re not as powerful. They can easily be hidden away. Some people may think that paintings are 2 dimensional, but for me they are 3 dimensional (or beyond) because I can pick them up, change their direction, alter their surfaces and their meanings. It doesn’t feel powerful at the time… It is so intuitive. Only later do I realize the strength, the gift. At the risk of sounding Cliche or Captain Obvious, I think there are intuitive gifts in every person. I’m grateful for what I have been born with & what I have attracted in my life. I am blessed to have had the encouragement & education I have had. Thank you so much for looking at my work. xo

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