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Painting in progress: “Flip Side”

I’m currently working out some composition issues with this abstract piece. I keep telling myself just to go for it; it’s only paint on paper & the beauty of working abstract forms with acrylic paints is “anything goes!” Or at least “anything can be painted over!”

Note: this painting has been completed and evolved into something entirely different looking. Perhaps I went too far. I’m torn between having patience, walking away and looking at it another day, or pushing myself and asking the question “What If?”
You can see the final painting (now called “Connections”) here.

Painting in progress: “Flip Side”

Mixed Media: Acrylic, Pencil, & Ink on 140# watercolour paper

approx 11″ x 15″ (approx 28 cm x 38 cm)

© deb davies thorkelson | april 25, 2015

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  1. I should have walked away from it at this point and taken a breather. But NO… I worked on it and worked on it, and now that I look back on this photo I wonder if I’ve gone too far… We’ll see. NOW I’ll leave it alone for awhile and see if I can fall in love with it or…. 🙂

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