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Painting: Wine Country Series – Now You’ve Done It!

I’ve revised the look of the wine glass and moon face. You can see before & after.

From Bluerock

I’m reposting this painting because I made some revisions to it, specifically the wine glass and paint coverage in the “moon face”.  Scroll all the way down to see the first version.

Second Version:


Second Version / wine glass detail:


First Version:ART-Now Youve Done it-wineglass-sunglasses

“Now You’ve Done It”

This is a loose & silly illustration-like painting… spilling some more wine. To see all illustrations in this series you can search on “Wine Country”

Mixed Media: Watercolour, Acrylic & Ink on paper

approximate size: just under 11″ x 14″


© deb davies thorkelson  |   june 2015

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  1. I love your ideas – I hope you can run with it. No harm in appealing to a market with your natural talent and earning a bit on the side while you pursue your “serious” fine art. I am of the mind that as long as your art is from your heart, no matter if it strikes a chord in “the market” and sells like hot cakes or never sees the light of day in “the market” – at least you’ve stayed true to your creative heart. What I’m seeing in your work above is that you’ve created from your heart a style that just might have market appeal. You may have arrived at the perfect junction of your art and marketability. It appeals to me – so, I’m sure it will to others as well. And, yes!, it’s all part of the journey! 🙂 I’m hoping for success and all good things for you!!! (Don’t forget notecards!)

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    • … And aprons, prints, postcards – all that stuff in a lot of wineries’ tasting room. I’ve been wondering who to contact rather than an individual winery; ad agencies’ creative directors & the like. I don’t want to make a little bit of money. I want a lot. Lol… A New Yorker magazine cover, the next Rolling Stones cover… and winery labeling. Lol… This is my innermost “what if?”… No ego here, just a dream. 🙂 Thank you so much, Mary, for your “likes” and support.


  2. So playful and fun! The heart-shaped mouth and the blue eyes are awesome! Wonderful colors throughout! I love it! (Just an idea…pitch it to a wine company as a label…negotiate a flat fee and then commission per bottle sold… I buy wines if I like the label!)

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    • Oh thank YOU! I’ve been thinking about that & the extras like prints – framed or unframed – aprons, coasted etc. u live 40 miles from Napa/ Sonoma in NorCal. Just starting to figure out who the Byers would be. Part of me wants to be a “serious” fine artist but my graphic artist experiences are pushing me towards commercial applications. I try to push my art towards simplicity & wind up pushing it into a box. That’s okay, it’s part of the journey, right? 🙂

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  3. This is a cool painting–I saw two different “figures” in it–the moon face and one other—but I would have to explain it in person. Love the wine series.

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