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Painting: The path to Half

Some people have expressed interest in seeing in-progress pics of my paintings.
So here are some … You can see the previous post for extreme close-ups of the final version that show intricate detail and textures > Painting: Half

^  Above: a scrap of an old beginning that I had been using to get excess paint off the tool I was using to apply paint (not always just a brush) …

















^ After sketching in some shapes with a pencil, a mix of opaque and translucent pigments were used to create layers and define sections


Below: Texture was added by scraping and indenting the paper and previous paint layers with a pointed tool. Sometimes I use a nail, sometimes a potter’s tool. Something pointed but not too sharp.


IMG_4908< Left: Opaque red, orange, and white were blocked in to flatten key areas for contrast against the heavy textures. Notice the difference between this stage and the similar one above.








Below: Final version – more of the opaque paint added to define shapes & complete the composition.

ART-Half-abstractWineGlass-final-cropped-v2^ final painting

“Half ”

Mixed Media
Watercolours, Graphite Pencil and Acrylics on Paper
Approx 10.5″ x 14″ (about 26.6 cm x 35.5 cm)

© deb davies thorkelson 2015

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