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Painting: High Five?

A Study of Mid-Century Modern art…

My inspiration was the artist Josef Albers, particularly his Interaction of Color work.


In this painting (c. 1950) I love the possibilities for exploring color with overlapping squares & rectangles. Learning from this composition, the top row of shapes share the same baseline, the bottom row shares a different, but a common baseline, and the two rows share parts of themselves. You’ll notice that the overlapping areas are all the same hue and lend a translucent effect.

In my own study piece I worked with the colors to get pleasing interactions while using a Mid-Century Modern color palette. I added and subtracted elements to achieve a happy balance, not strictly following Albers’s layout but exploring alternatives.

Then the happiness was just too much and the hands started waving and the feet started tapping, and can a sister get an amen? Amen!


“High Five?”

A Study of Mid-Century Modern art…
and because sometimes art should be fun.

Mixed Media on Paper
approx 10.5″ x 14″

© deb davies thorkelson 2015

And because I couldn’t resist… another:

ART-MidCentMod-studyTwo-final-cropped-v2{The creation and introduction of FLatOwL ®}

© deb davies thorkelson 2015

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