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Paintings: Catching the Flying Dream (a diptych) – in progress


For these two paintings I worked with Acrylics and Oil Pastel on d’Arches 140# Watercolour Paper.

To begin, a couple layers of white Gesso, then a solid field of neutral gray acrylic paint.
I worked in acrylics for awhile, then had a brainstorm. Oil Pastels. I LOVE the marks they make, and how beautifully the pastels highlight the paint, and how the paint covers the pastel. Several layers were created, and I scratched the surface with a nail-like tool to reveal colour beneath and add texture. In some areas I applied Turpenoid to smoothly blend the oil pastels. In other areas I left the pastel’s hard edges remain. I did a lot of experimenting, and now I remember now why I rarely use oil pastels. Messy, messy! But what fun this project has been.


Not quite finished, as the foregrounds need more work. I keep changing the one on the right, and the left side painting’s foreground is incomplete. Although I’m eager to get going with my ideas, I’m learning to step back. I’ve destroyed otherwise successful paintings by over doing it and losing the character I’d worked to build. There’s a fine line between exploring the “what ifs” and going too far.  So these will rest awhile.

Left side:

Right Side:


Catching the Flying Dream

Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Watercolour Paper (d’Arches 140#)
Each painting is 15″ x 22″ (approx 38 cm x 55.8 cm)
© deb davies thorkelson 2015

I decided I wasn’t done with these paintings.
New versions posted.

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