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Painting: The Sapphire City

The Sapphire City

Mixed media on watercolour paper (acrylics, oil pastel & pencil)
Approx 11″ x 15″ (approx 28 cm x 38 cm)

© deb davies thorkelson 2016


• • •

Some close-ups:


• • •

Outside watching the varnish dry …


• • •

© deb davies thorkelson 2016


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      • I don’t mind you asking at all! Just regular old (very old) Grumbacher oil pastels. I think they were my dad’s! I never use oil pastel until I started these experimental illustrations. Thanks dad. Sometimes I dip my brush into a tiny bit of Turpenoid if I want to blend them; it’s a neat effect almost like watercolours. (see the “fire” painting) … Mostly though I like the texture the oil pastels add without blending them. I can repaint over the pastels with acrylics – if (learned through trial and error) – the acrylics are heavy body (in a tube). Where I’ve used fluid acrylics (in a plastic bottle) over the oil pastel it will tend to peel off. I add texture by indenting the paper with a potter’s tool that’s like a thin metal stick with a dull pointed end, and this is how I realized the difference between the 2 types of acrylic. I use only Golden brand acrylics, a little goes a long way because their pigments are so strong. Thanks Laura!

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