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cropped-cropped-selfportrait-1-4.jpgHi + welcome to my words …

Please pause awhile… You can choose poetry + real life short stories from the CATEGORIES page, where you’ll also find other topics including ART, PHOTOS, and MUSIC (and other passions like Siberian Huskies, Motorcycles, and  Desert Gardens).

origins of my poetry + SHORT STORIES

While I have a cache of unpublished stories and notes, I really just started writing poetry last year. Most of it started as a therapeutic way to express my years of chronic back pain that began in 2005 forever altering my life. I underwent spinal fusion surgery in 2007 and continued to endure debilitating chronic pain and subsequent prescription pain-killer dependence. As I grew sicker, this chapter in my life eventually culminated with an epic withdrawal process and recovery in November of 2013.
As I lay in bed trying to sleep one terribly painful night last autumn, thoughts that were swirling around in the toxic vapour of my mind became words, and I started to write them down…

The short poem “The Night” was the beginning of a brain-leak that doesn’t seem to want to stop.
If I had to choose a personal favourite it would have to be “Energy Ended”  – I just don’t know where or how all these thoughts materialized into my most epic poem.

Other inspiration comes from my vast vault of childhood memories.
Growing up in a military family meant changing homes, schools, and friends every year. And there were always those happy summers spent at “The Lake“.

Still other inspiration comes from my crazy, vivid dreams and sometimes my deepest, darkest fears. Or simply things I notice, or a seemingly random string of words that pops uninvited into my head.
If you would like to know more about the inspiration for any given piece, just let me know, because I would be so happy to share…

© 2014 deb davies thorkelson / bluerock aka debrazone
All words + images used in this site are my own and shot with an iPhone or are from family archives, unless otherwise explained. No copyright infringements are intended where I have shared information and images from the internet

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