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From Bluerock is a collection of my images + words:
Paintings, Illustrations, Drawings, Poetry, and some Photography.

Life’s experiences inspire me – good and bad and in-between.

This blog started as a way to heal + grow beyond chronic pain and illness. I started to write poetry about my experiences, and it felt good to release my feelings on paper…. and then the big step of sharing them here.

Over time my art has been over-taking my poetry. It was an awesome sign when my creative self returned… it had disappeared for several years because of back pain, major surgery, and a very, very long recovery. I started to regain my creativity when I completely stopped taking medically supervised prescription pain medications (detox was the roughest experience in my life). Apparently opiates can block the area of your brain responsible for creativity, planning, and organizing. Wow. I never would have believed it if it hadn’t happened to ME. Managing pain is still a struggle, but I’m winning.

I’m able to re-focus away from pain when I’m writing, drawing, painting or otherwise “creating a new energy”.

I’m also an avid motorcycle enthusiast, a lover of desert gardens, and mommy to Siberian Huskies, so you will also find these topics here.

(Bluerock was the street I lived on when I started posting my work here)

All original artwork, photography, and writing on this site:
© deb davies thorkelson   |   from bluerock

This page last updated March 25th, 2021

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  1. Just replied on your Joshua post….and meandered to read your About. The power of words to create, define, affect action, affect perception and self esteem — the passion of art to do the same. Congratulations to you in so so many ways!

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  2. Wow, what a journey. I’m so glad you found art. I’m finding healing there, too. My issue was food (gluten, corn, sugar) that didn’t agree with me, and the years that it took to find out what in the world the problem was. I’m so glad you’re conquering the pain and that your creativity is coming back! Your work is beautiful, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it! Hugs, love and healing to you!

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  3. Good heavens, anyone with that much talent smushed into one human body is probably receiving a plethora of mixed messages from the universe as to what art form to pay attention to first. But lucky us to view the results. Here’s to channeling all that glorious creativity, Deb. No doubt it brings a great deal of joy to a bucketload of folks.


    • Thank you, love the “mixed messages from the universe”… yep, what to do, what to do… and sometimes I just do nothing, and that’s okay too, because some things need to swirl around in my brain for awhile before I get my cue. Thank you so very much for your kind words and encouragement. It means a lot. And “Cheers” Back Atcha 🙂


  4. I am also a chronically ill artist, and completely understand your desire to share! Some days I am not well enough to create my own work, but I love finding (and sharing) inspiration through others… I’m so happy I found your blog and I look forward to following it!

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    • Thank you Jenna; you hang in there and keep doing what makes you connect with yourself (I really think that helps a lot). And thanks also for sharing YOUR work! It’s super creative and original and I’m looking forward to exploring your blog further. Thanks for finding me. – deb


  5. Great to meet you Deb! Thanks for stopping by my record collection and introducing yourself. I like what you have to say about art and healing. The “medicine” in your medicine cabinet is abundant and beautiful!

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  6. Fantastic intro, Deb! Thank you for liking some of my haiku. Hope you’ll visit again or just go totally crazy and “follow.” Either way it will be fun. i look forward to reading in these next few days to reading more about what’s on your heart and mind. Peace, Love, and Joy!



  7. Thank you so much for following First Night Design! I have also found blogging on WordPress to be very therapeutic. When my computer was in for repair throughout April, I was tickled by how much I missed my blogging ‘family’.


  8. Thank you for the follow. I am so glad it led me to your site. You are a very talented and eclectic artist. I love artistic versatility. I am sure to be continually surprised and impressed by your works.


  9. I read your bio several times – I’m so very sorry for your pain, but so very glad you’ve found a healing outlet. Self-expression can at times, be a miraculous friend. I look forward to following your journey, and I hope you continue letting your creative self out…
    Sharing one’s inner-creative sides takes tremendous strength of character – you have great strength on your side 🙂
    Be well-


  10. Thank you for visiting me and Willy Nilly and also for following along as Willy Nilly’s life unfolds. I wanted to visit you as well and found a very nice place, like an artist’s loft, full of treasures that tell a life’s story in each piece. I hope you don’t mind if i stay a while.


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